Dixieland jazz workshops

We currently offer two workshops

Workshop 1

This workshop is aimed at intermediate instrumentalists to advanced interested in learning about and playing in a Dixieland band.

You will learn

  • The role of your instrument in a Dixieland ensemble

  • Approaches to learning tunes

  • How to develop your improvisation skills

This workshop would be ideal for jazz festivals wanting to create an education/outreach program of music to engage the local community and players from further afield. 

Workshops 2

This workshop is aimed at young players that learn in groups (wider opportunities) or have only been playing a short while. 

You will learn

  • About Dixieland music

  • Syncopation

  • Playing a jazz solo

This workshop is perfect for pupils wanting an introduction to the world of jazz or improvised music. If you have more advanced players (such as GCSE or A level pupils) we can tailor the workshop to meet national curriculum needs or exam specifications.

Darren Lloyd (who leads the workshops) is an extremely experienced & outstanding teacher. With a Master of Arts in jazz performance and a PGCE in secondary music (with ten years professional teaching to his credit) Darren has the key skills to engage learners and ensure outstanding progress in all workshops.

Darren has tutored at Manchester's 'Band on the wall' and also delivered workshop 2 for Derbyshire music partnership.

If you are interested in finding out more about the workshops please contact Darren.


'I've been tutored by Darren over the last 6 months at his jazz improvisation course.  He is a very talented musician with an infectious enthusiasm for jazz music.  He is also a good communicator and our group of 6 intermediate musicians came on really well culminating in playing a live improvised jazz gig which was a new experience for me!  He is good at giving people the confidence to have a go at things that are out of their comfort zone.  Would highly recommend him as a teacher!'

Mark Salisbury - Guitar - Workshop 1

'Earlier this year i have been a student in the jazz improvisation classes taught by DARREN LLOYD at BAND ON THE WALL. The classes have been superb in terms of knowledge, application and enjoyment. I had a great time in trying to learn about a difficult genre of music. He has been a great help with his unique approach to teaching jazz.'

Tony Browne - Voice - Workshop 1

'What a fabulous experience it was for my wider opportunities pupils to take part in Darren’s Dixieland Workshop. It was delightful to see the sheer pleasure and excitement on the faces of these young musicians as the session got underway. As well as experiencing high quality live performances, pupils had the opportunity to sing along, and if they wanted to,  improvise alongside professional musicians, something they will remember for many years to come.'

Rosie Crook - Music Teacher - Workshop 2

'Darren Lloyd's Dixieland Jazz band performed alongside 150 KS2 pupils in Derby Guild Hall in June 2017. The interactive concert featured pieces in which all the pupils performed on their instruments or sang with the band, while others were performed solely by the band. The whole event was meticulously planned by the performers and highly inspirational, enjoyable and fun for the pupils. ' 

Bex Rathbone - Area leader - Derbyshire Music Partnership - Workshop 2

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